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'Triplets' c1054 Mary BENNETT

Dates: 1945c

Initially, she studied violin at the Royal Academy of Music (1963-1966) but, following evening classes in pottery at Morley College, London, she changed direction and trained in ceramics at Camberwell School of Art and Crafts intending to learn how to make functional pottery (1971-1975). However, her work took a different direction and her ceramic horizons were expanded as a result of the radical atmosphere at Camberwell.

Having received a Setting up Grant from the Crafts Council she joined the 4011/2 Workshops at Wandsworth, London, (1975) where she further developed an interest in non-functional ceramics. She moved to a workshop in Altenburg Gardens, London in 1978. Many of her pieces were inspired by her interest in music and ancient instruments such as shaums and, although abstract, her pieces have a human dimension. She later moved to Scotland where she continued to practice but also developed  work with people with special needs.