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 c347 Auguste DELAHERCHE


Dates: 1857-1940

His early work was in architectural ceramics but in 1887 he took over
the Paris studio of Ernest Chaplet (1835-1909) where he produced stoneware with stylised flower and leaf decoration. Known in Paris as the ‘poet of stoneware‘, his work met with considerable success and in 1889 he won a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. In 1894 he returned to Armantieres, near Beauvais, by which time his work had abandoned motifs and instead concentrated on simpler forms with experimental glazes, in particular crystalline, flambe and ‘tea-dust’ effects. He
did not start to throw his own pots until 1904 having previously depended on a thrower replicating his designs. After 1900 he worked mainly in porcelain including, post 1910, work inspired by Chinese Fukien ware.