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'Toad Tureen' c1036 Janice TCHALENKO
'Toad Tureen'
 c1035 Janice TCHALENKO

 c1034 Janice TCHALENKO

 c1033 Janice TCHALENKO


Dates: 1942 – 2018

Janice Tchalenko studied pottery at Harrow School of Art and was noted for her thrown domestic ware. At the end of the 1970s she pioneered a changing attitude to decoration and began to apply bright colours in bold patterns to stoneware pottery. Traditionally stoneware had subdued colours. She became the leading designer for Dartington Pottery, one of the most successful studio potteries in Britain producing lively stoneware at affordable prices. She went on to design ceramics for The Designers Guild, NEXT Interiors, Poole Pottery and Royal Stafford. She also collaborated with other ceramicists including the caricaturist Roger Law in the 1990s. She taught at the Royal College of Art (1981-96) and worked as a consultant to production factories in China from the 1990s. Tchalenko always maintained an innovative approach to ceramics over many decades.