Alan SIDNEY (Heaps)

c1015 - Clockwork Horse Alan SIDNEY (Heaps) c1114 - Elephant Knife Alan SIDNEY (Heaps) c1014 - Elephant whistle Alan SIDNEY (Heaps) c1014detai - Elephant whistle detail Alan SIDNEY (Heaps)

Dates: b. 1941

From 1957 until 1961 he was a student at the Liverpool College of Art in the Graphics Department. He worked as a book illustrator and graphic designer, before turning his talents to clay. This may explain the fantasy element of his work, which is always intriguing and even psychedelic. He worked in Newtown, Wales, regularly raiding his kitchen for objects that he used as moulds. He also models forms directly. His works reflect his passion for architecture, machines and ancient civilizations and often incorporate technical elements such as levers and pulleys. Frogs, snakes, and turtles are just some of the animals that are found resting on his sculptures often amongst rainbows and stars. He recently moved to Shropshire.

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