Beate KUHN (Germany)

c1361 -  Beate KUHN (Germany)

Dates: b.1927

Born in Dussledorf, Germany, she first studied the History of Art in Freiburg (1949-51). She trained in ceramics at the School of Decorative Arts at Wiesbaden (1949-1951) with Erika Opitz and Hans K. Starke and at Darmstadt with F. Th. Schroeder (1951-1953). After this she set up a pottery studio with Karl Scheid and for the next 4 years also worked as an assistant for Rosenthal Porcelain at Studio Line. Since 1957 she has had her own workshop in Dadelsheim. In 1968 she became part of a group known as The London Group alongside Karl and Ursula Scheid, Gerald and Gotlind Weigel, and Margarete Schott, named after they first exhibited together at Henry Rothchild's Primavera Gallery. She was known then for her organic structural forms and went on to make fantasy porcelain animals, with wheel thrown body parts. She became part of the German Ceramic Groupe 83 and also continues to exhibit with the London Group.

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