Research Projects & Interviews


  Fireworks Ceramics Symposium




Exhibition talk by curator Alex McErlain and presentations by postgraduate students.



  We Spirited Creatures




An interdisciplinary symposium in relation to the exhibition on animals and art.


Simon Carroll interview

Simon Carroll interview

Read Moira Vincentelli's interview with Simon Carroll



Hot Off The Press - 2 A Symposium on ceramics and print at the International Ceramics Studio at Kecskemét, Hungary 5th - 20th July 1998
A report on traditional pottery in Jamaican


A report on traditional pottery in Jamaican suggesting some relationships with its African ancestry and interviews with Marlene 'Munchie' Roden and Cecil Baugh, Jamaica's best known studio potter

Keramika English / Cymraeg

A net-based animation work in which ceramics from the Aberystwyth ceramics collection are re-situated in fantasy and utopian environments and interpreted by children.

Telling Tales With Technology

Documentation of the 1996 conference at Aberystwyth which considered the use of sound and video to record the crafts. Oral historians have long recognised how interviews and personal reminiscence can enlighten moments from the past. There is little enough craft history. What can these systems offer?
Close Relations Marcus Thomas at Aberystwyth

Close Relations Marcus Thomas at Aberystwyth

An exhibition of the prize winning installation work by Marcus Thomas arranged by the artist in conjunction with pieces from the ceramic collection and domestic objects selected from the collection of Ceredigion Museum. The imaginative display provocatively and poetically raised issues of gender and Welsh identity
For Love or Money: Motivation of women ceramic artists in Wales

For Love or Money: Motivation of women ceramic artists in Wales

Moira Vincentelli and Liz McDermott of Aberystwyth University are collaborating with Jill Venus of the University of Wales, Lampeter on this interdisciplinary project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (2004-8). It brings together the research fields of Art, Personal and Professional Development, and Women's Entrepreneurship and explores the motivations and experience of women ceramic artists and craft potters in Wales.

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