Crossings: Adam Buick and the Legend of Tresaith.

Adam Buick Crossings sq

Adam Buick and the Legend of Tresaith.

30th June – 27th August 2017

Ceramics Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales.



Adam Buick potter and film maker has developed this innovative project, based on the story of seven Irish princesses sent across the sea to land at Tresaith and marry Welshmen. Tresaith (town of seven) is part of Ceredigion Heritage Coastline.

Reflecting on the topical theme of dangerous sea crossings, Adam will make seven moon-jars to be launched from Ireland to sail across the Irish Sea and hopefully land safely in Ceredigion. Their journey will be recorded by tracking systems and charted on a webpage.  Adam will also make a film about the project to be shown alongside maps and moon jars as part of this exhibition which will take place during the International Ceramics Festival this summer. The exhibition will also include commissioned work by Marged Pendrell, Meri Wells and Val James who have also responded to the theme.

The exhibition and film will be available for touring from October 2017.

The project is in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of Aberystwyth University and is supported with funding from Arts Council Wales.

You can also follow the journey of the pots in Adam’s blog here:

Place of Seven