Road to Discovery – Ceramics from Uzbekistan

Road to Discovery – Ceramics from Uzbekistan

Ceramics Gallery

22 June – 26th August 2019

This exhibition features contemporary examples of work by master potters from some of the main pottery producing areas in Uzbekistan. It explores Uzbekistan’s rich heritage in ceramic production alongside Welsh folk pottery traditions, such as the Buckley…

The World at Our Fingertips

The World at Our Fingertips

15 June-13 July 2019

Old College, Aberystwyth

Open: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturdays 10am-4pm

An exhibition featuring works in the collection acquired through the International Ceramics Festival over the past 30 years.

Since 1987, the Collection has acquired work from the International Ceramics Festival held every two years at Aberystwyth Arts…

Kate Haywood: The Language of Clay – Traces

Kate Haywood’s exquisite porcelain forms are at once assured and delicate. Made with keen attention to detail, each form is precise and elegant.

Kate has a passion for objects, sometimes hand-held objects, often objects from the past. She scours museum collections and researches archives to identify intriguing pieces and purposes. Kate’s…

Justine Allison: The Language of Clay – Shifting Lines














‘Justine Allison’s ceramics are skilfully made, precious to touch and a delight to the eye’. Professor Moira Vincentelli

Justine has her own language of clay. Balanced between functional and sculptural, her ceramic practice is rich and original. With a profound understanding of her materials and a honed visual aesthetic, Justine’s…

Chwarae Teg/Fair Play

Chwarae Teg/Fair Play

100 Years of Women in Ceramics

An exhibition celebrating the past 100 years of women making and designing ceramics in Britain, featuring work from Aberystwyth University’s Ceramic Collection.

October 20th 2018 – 13th January 2019

Early Studio Pottery

This exhibition marks a century of collecting ceramics at Aberystywyth, a moment that also…

Not Just for Pretty: Robyn Cove mewn perthynas â | in relation to Michael Cardew


Oriel Cerameg | Ceramic Gallery

Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Gorffennaf 21 July – Hydref 7 October 2018

The from the Ceramic Collection inspired by natural forms.

Oriel Cerameg | Ceramic Gallery

Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Mai 5 May – Gorffennaf  15 July 2018

Gordon Baldwin

Alan & Ruth Barrett Danes

Beverley Bell Hughes

Christine Constant

Billy Adams: Transitions

“I prefer to stay within the realms of the vessel. Rims, handles, lips and balance are commonplace within traditional ceramics, yet I use them in a unique integrated structure which elevates them beyond their own identifiable...


Tachwedd 11 November 2017 – Ionawr 21 January 2018 (closed 24/12/2017-01/01/2018)

Terry Bell-Hughes is a modest man who has pursued a portfolio career as a potter and a teacher in North Wales for forty years. He has held fast to the values that were first introduced to him on the pottery course...

What’s New? Recent Acquisitions

The Ceramic Collection in Aberystwyth is one of the major collections of non- industrial ceramics in Britain, currently with over 2000 pieces. Between 1920-1936 with funding from the Davies Sisters of Gregynog, the university acquired an important collection of pioneer studio pottery and Welsh slipware. Since the mid 1970s the...

Crossings: Adam Buick and the Legend of Tresaith.

30th June – 27th August 2017

Ceramics Gallery,
Aberystwyth Arts Centre,
Aberystwyth, Wales.

Adam Buick potter and film maker has developed this innovative project, based on the story of seven Irish princesses sent across the sea to land at Tresaith...

The Language of Clay – STILL: Anne Gibbs

Anne works in a quiet studio situated in a private garden in a rural village in South Wales. There is equanimity about the studio and its occupant. For Anne, it is a place to simply be. Anne...

Earth, Fire and Salt; pots by Micki Schloessingk

An exhibition in The Language of Clay: Part One initiative, Mission Gallery National Touring Exhibitions, curated by Ceri Jones

4th February- 26th March 2017

Micki Schloessingk makes wonderful pots for us to use and enjoy everyday.

Micki has created and...

Anna Noel: Telling Tales

22 October 2016 – 8th January 2017

Anna Noël makes figurative ceramics. She draws on local myths, rhymes and childhood narratives in the creation of her work. Anna loves a good story.

This solo exhibition has afforded Anna significant...

The Button Project

The Button Project

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size=”10″]The Button Project is an ongoing experiment in curating and creative collaboration. It began in 2013 when Jo Dahn sent a message to ceramics practitioners, asking them to make a button and post it to her:

I’m planning an…

Made Anew, Stories of the Broken and Mended

February 20th – June 5th 2016

Opening hours: Monday–Saturday,10am–8pm. Sunday, 1pm–5pm

The exhibition is based on the theme of broken and mended pottery, its stories and its associations. It aims to explore our relationship with the state of…

Women and Ceramics – Gendered Vessels Biographies

Women and Ceramics – Women as Promoters

In the 18th century women represented a significant proportion of china dealers often combining this with second hand clothes dealing which could be bartered. In the 20th century women were the first gallery owners and promoters of studio ceramics. Particularly notable was Muriel Rose who ran the Little Gallery. Women…

Women and Ceramics – Royal College of Art

In the 1970s the cult of virtuoso throwing and kiln technology which dominated the studio pottery movement came into question. The new generation preferred art ideas rather than craft ideals. In this decade the Royal College of Art produced a number of women ceramicists who were also promoted by the…

Women and Ceramics – Decorating

Studio potters often rejected colourful surface pattern because of its commercial connotations. Around 1980 a number of women began to reclaim decoration.

Janice Tchalenko led the way and very successfully developed the designs for Dart Pottery. Mary Rose…

Women and Ceramics – Figures

In general the figurine was a much despised form within the studio pottery movement because of its associations with over-refined and aristocratic taste or mass production

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During the…

Women and Ceramics – Reclaiming Traditional Women’s Techniques

Women and Ceramics – Studio Pottery after 1950

In the post-war period the production of studio pottery in Britain expanded. Pottery was being taught much more widely in art colleges and in schools and the new prosperity created a taste for modern design and distinctive household decoration

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Women and Ceramics – Early Studio Pottery

Studio pottery in Britain was a product of the early twentieth century. Middle-class art school trained artists began to make pottery undertaking the whole process for themselves. Previously pottery production, especially throwing and firing, had been an…

Women and Ceramics – Collecting

Charlotte Schreiber or as she is better known in Wales, Lady Charlotte Guest, was one of the most prolific ceramic collectors of the nineteenth century.

Together with her second husband, Charles Schreiber, she acquired pottery and porcelain in…

Women and Ceramics – Cyprus

In Cyprus there are still a number of villages which preserve the old traditions of hand-building pottery.

In the 19th century it was frequently a family business where men made the huge storage jars which are too large…

Women and Ceramics – Kabylie, Algeria

In most Berber cultures in North Africa women still make pottery for domestic use and display.

The painted decorations and complex forms are part of a wider female visual culture which also includes wall decoration, weaving and distinctive…

Moira Vincentelli interviewing Simon Carroll

Hereford, on the balcony outside his studio which he was clearing to leave (23rd May 2004). The studio was in the outbuildings of a farm in an idyllic rural setting. It was a sunny afternoon, the birds…

Naming the Animals

18th October 2015 to 31st January 2016

Opening hours: Monday–Saturday,10am–8pm. Sunday, 1pm–5pm

Image: Fish Dog by Susan Halls, 1997

This exhibition takes its title from David Cleverley’s ceramic sculpture, Adam naming the animals. The work makes reference to nineteenth…

Philip Eglin Slipping the Trail

& Responding to the Buckley Pottery in the Aberystwyth Collection

20th June to 9th August 2015

Opening hours: Monday–Saturday, 10am–8pm. Sunday, 1pm–5pm

The exhibition is a collaboration between…

The Hot Pot Project

Ann Car Collection

In January 2014 we accepted a major acquisition of 330 pieces of studio pottery to be known as the Ann Carr collection. is was donated to the University by Julian Carr in memory of his…

Ceramic Celebration: South Wales Potters’ 50th Anniversary


An exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the South Wales Potters, one of the country’s leading ceramic groups. Ceramic Celebration will feature work by SWP’s president Walter Keeler and founder members Janet and Frank Hamer. Presenting work…

Merge / Diverge

An exhibition of work from a diverse international group of MA Ceramic graduates from Cardiff School of Art and Design who have formed a cooperative based in Cardiff. Download the catalogue.

We Spirited Creatures

Humans and animals live together on a small planet. Our relationship is one of shared needs and mutual coexistence, and yet our life together is often far from peaceful. Download the catalogue:…

Keramic Conversations:

From Vallauris to Fat Lava:

Curator Gérard Mermoz presents a selection of popular ceramics made in France and Germany in workshops and small factories in the post war period (1945 –1975). The producers adopted an experimental approach to…

Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives

20th January-21st April 2013

Couples who make Pottery

This exhibition features resources from the Ceramic Archive which are available to view or download here. This includes extracts from audio interviews when you see the speaker…



Ceramic Tales from Africa

Based on field trips mainly undertaken 2005-6 to Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana and South Africa by Moira Vincentelli, the exhibition explores how contemporary ceramics in Africa are adapting and responding to new…

Simon Carroll: Making Connections

Ceramics Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, July 3rd- November 30th 2004

Simon Carroll demonstrated his exuberant approach to ceramics at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth in 2003. Six months later he was invited to develop an exhibition of…


The Sliptrails exhibition was the basis of a timeline on slipware ceramics used in the web World History Project directed by Bamber Gascoigne. The Archive has been used as a pilot for developing the Mapping Wales project…

Gendered Vessels

Gendered Vessels: Women and Ceramics by Moira Vincentelli

The Biographies have been prepared by Anna Hale, Elizabeth McDermott and Moira Vincentelli.

Women and Ceramics – Introduction

From humble cooking pot to postmodern vessel, women have had…

Hands That Do Dishes

Hands That Do Dishes – Women Potter’s Speak

Throughout the exhibition the makers’ own words have been quoted to provide some insight into their ideas and motivations. The quotes are from the following potters:

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