Casgliad Cerameg A – Z

Delwedd o c1414 Two Ceramic Forms gan Elizabeth FRITSCH
Elizabeth Fritsch

  • Rhif Catalog: c1414
  • Teitl: Two Ceramic Forms
  • Marc: None
  • Maint: White piece 23.3cm tall x 19.5cm x 13.7cm, Blue piece 50.4cm tall x 30.5cm x 13.5cm
  • Disgrifiad:
    Handbuilt leaning forms with flattened coils; painted with blue and white coloured slips. The pieces are fired to stoneware temperature of 1260 degrees C and require several firings

    Made in 2002

    Acquired 2003

    Purchased with grants from the National Art Collections Fund and V&A Purchase Grant Fund