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17. Earthenware teapot with coloured slips, 1992, H. 18cm; Mug. H. 10cm

17. Earthenware teapot with coloured slips, 1992, H. 18cm; Mug. H. 10cm

Paul Scott is an artist and writer living and working in Wigton in the North of England. He attended St Martin’s College, Lancaster from 1972-1977 and moved from painting to ceramics because he became aware of the breadth of possibilities that ceramics offers. He energetically promotes the marriage of ceramics and print, developing new techniques. Politically engaged, his transfer printed wares can be humorous and frequently controversial. Scott is author of Ceramics & Print (A&C Black 1994, 2001) and Painted Clay (A&C Black 2000).

The original shaped jug made of assembled sheets of clay is decorated with transfer prints based on drawings made during the 1991 International Ceramics Festival and inspired by the two Japanese demonstrators and their interpreter.


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