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New Touring Exhibition:

Crossings: Adam Buick and the Legend of Tresaith.


Adam Buick (www. potter and film maker developed this project which is part based on the legend of Tresaith.

When a King of Ireland had seven troublesome daughters, he decided to cast them away in a boat without sails.. The currents carried them east and they came ashore upon a west Wales beach. They were rescued shortly after by seven local farmers, with whom they fell in love and married. The place was named Tresaith, the ‘Place of Seven’, for each of the troublesome daughters who made it their home.

The theme was originally suggested by Adam Buick whose ceramics and film work have consistently made relationships with the land and sea around Cardigan Bay. He is noted for his handsome moon jars, beautiful rounded forms inspired by Korean ceramic traditions. In an innovative new art work he collaborated with the Computer Science Department at Aberystwyth University. Adam made seven moon jars and launched them into the sea in Ireland. Each was attached with a Spot Gen 3 tracking device and camera and the progress of the pots was followed across the sea and charted on a webpage. However, unlike the princesses’ little boat, the currents carried the moon jars northwards to the Isle of Man and some even to Scotland.

None of the pots ended up in Wales, one disappeared in the shipping lane of the Irish Sea and one never gave a signal, only one pot was retrieved intact, the rest were shattered on rocks on the coastline.

The film about the project made by Adam Buick has a powerful emotional impact. It demonstrates the vulnerability of the pots drifting across the sea, becoming separated and finally landing eventually in their unintended destinations, all but one physically altered by the journey. The film was very well received when it premiered during the International Ceramics Festival in July 2017.


The exhibition also included commissioned work by Wales based artists Marged Pendrell, Meri Wells and Val James who also responded to the theme. They continue to examine the theme of dangerous sea crossings including journeys undertaken by refugees.

 The exhibition is available as a touring exhibition with work for sale and also:

  1. The film to accompany the exhibition.
  2. Exhibition guide (designed as a printable A3 colour sheet to be folded in half).
  3. Worksheets for schools (designed as a printable A3 colour sheet to be folded in half).
  4. Exhibition labels, artwork and high resolution images.


The exhibition is designed for a medium sized gallery (50 m2) but can be reduced for smaller spaces. It will need invigilating if not in secure display cases (i.e. open display/plinths).

Hire cost: £500 plus VAT per month plus one way transport of exhibition.

To book or for more information please contact Louise Chennell or call 0190 622192