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Sensational Ceramics Musical InstrumentsThese pieces which are just a few of the works in the handling collection Drums from North Africa that accompanies this exhibition. They show some of the ways that ceramics can be used to make musical instruments.

  • Drums from North Africa, 16 cm high Tin glazed earthenware with vellum strung over the mouth
  • Ocarina from Chile, earthenware, 12 cm long
  • Bell in tin-glazed earthenware from Hungary, 6 cm high


Sensational Ceramics Introduction | Beverley Bell Hughes | Alan Sidney | Anna Noel | Christine Constant | Paul Scott | Sandy Brown | Deirdre Burnett | Peter Smith | Mary Rose Young | Emily Myers | Simon Carroll | Chieko Yorigame | Liz Quackenbush | Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio | Jolante Kvastye | Lillemor Petersson | Lippa Dalen | Musical instruments

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