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Telling Tales With Technology


It's All There in Front of You

On the Exhibition Opening

On Saturday evening the exhibition organis ed by Aberystwyth Arts Centre was formally opened by Sheila Payne a friend and colleague of Bill Newland at the Institute of Education. A number of old friends and students were present to celebrate his achievement as an artist and educator and it was a moving occasion. Tanya Harrod had given a public talk on Saturday morning walking round the exhibition with the artist and discussing the work with him but as ever with Bill Newland the occasion frequently turned into an opportunity for lively anecdotes and quirky interpretations of ceramic history. However through the researches of Tanya Harrod and others the revival of interest in the work of Bill Newland has sparked off a re-evaluation of ceramics in the 1950s and a recognition of the way that studio potters dominated by orientalism or Bauhaus purism marginalised the role of ceramicists influenced by the more decorative ‘mediterranean’ traditions whether it be Italian folk pottery or Picasso’s modernism.

Catalogue available from :- Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK.

William Newland- It's All There in Front of You

Research Introduction
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