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Porcelain slab built with transfer printing, 30cm high

Porcelain slab built with transfer printing, 30cm high

Paul Scott is one of the leading ceramic artists to develop new ways of using transfer prints traditionally used to decorate mass produced tableware. He creates ceramic landscapes which evoke an ideal of pastoral landscape in the characteristic blue and white decoration of so much everyday china. On closer inspection the scenes suggest much more sinister aspects of modern life. This piece has been made up of porcelain slabs forming a stage like set for the landscape which is suggested in the shape of the piece as well as in the printed image on the surface. The idyllic scene is subtly disrupted by the sound pollution of low-flying jets and the poisonous fumes of industrial production.

The title is a dedication to two artists friends.
The Scott Collection Landscape for Jindra and Gyorgy, 1997


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