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Antoinella Cimatti

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The Ceramic Collection in Aberystwyth is one of the major collections of non- industrial ceramics in Britain, currently with over 2000 pieces. Between 1920-1936 with funding from the Davies Sisters of Gregynog, the university acquired an important collection of pioneer studio pottery and Welsh slipware. Since the mid 1970s the collection has been housed and displayed in Aberystwyth Arts Centre. There is an active policy to collect British and international contemporary ceramics with a special commitment to ceramics in Wales. Many of the pieces on display have been acquired through the International Ceramics Festival and through our current exhibition programme. We are grateful for grants from the V&A Purchase Grant  Fund and the Art Fund and to generous benefactors who have donated some of the earlier works. Cyflwyniad yn yr Oriel Cerameg Bydd yr Athro Moira Vincentelli yn trafod yr arddangosfa gyfredol Pa Newydd? Darnau a Dderbyniwyd yn Ddiweddar i’r Casgliad Cerameg, Aberystwyth Dydd Mawrth 7 Tachwedd 11.15 – 12.00 Ceramics Gallery Talk Professor Moira Vincentelli will discuss the current exhibition: What’s New? Recent Acquisitions to the Ceramic Collection, Aberystwyth Tuesday 07th November 11.15 – 12.00 … Read More

Crossings: Adam Buick and the Legend of Tresaith.

30th June – 27th August 2017 Ceramics Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales. Adam Buick potter and film maker has developed this innovative project, based on the story of seven Irish princesses sent across the sea to land at Tresaith and marry Welshmen. Tresaith (town of seven) is part of Ceredigion Heritage Coastline. Reflecting on the topical theme of dangerous sea crossings, Adam made seven moon-jars that were launched from Ireland to sail across the Irish Sea to hopefully land safely in Ceredigion. Their journey was recorded by tracking systems and charted on a webpage,  in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of Aberystwyth University. Some pots landed on the Isle of Man, some in Cumbria, some never made it to shore. Adam made a film about the project called Place of Seven that was very well received when shown to a full house in the Arts Centre Cinema during the International Ceramics Festival. Further screenings will take place in various venues over the next few months that we will announce on our news page. The film is also shown in the Ceramics Gallery alongside maps and the surviving moon jars as part of the exhibition which also includes commissioned work by Marged Pendrell, Meri Wells and Val James who have also responded to the theme. The exhibition and film will be available for touring from October 2017. This project is supported with funding from Arts Council Wales. Some explanation of the tracking page from Adam: “Each vessel is represented by the different colours (Orange, blue, green, turquoise, yellow and purple) unfortunately only 6 … Read More

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New Touring Exhibition: Crossings: Adam Buick and the Legend of Tresaith. BACKGROUND Adam Buick (www. potter and film maker developed this project which is part based on the legend of Tresaith. When a King of Ireland had seven troublesome daughters, he decided to cast them away in a boat without sails.. The currents carried them east and they came ashore upon a west Wales beach. They were rescued shortly after by seven local farmers, with whom they fell in love and married. The place was named Tresaith, the ‘Place of Seven’, for each of the troublesome daughters who made it their home. The theme was originally suggested by Adam Buick whose ceramics and film work have consistently made relationships with the land and sea around Cardigan Bay. He is noted for his handsome moon jars, beautiful rounded forms inspired by Korean ceramic traditions. In an innovative new art work he collaborated with the Computer Science Department at Aberystwyth University. Adam made seven moon jars and launched them into the sea in Ireland. Each was attached with a Spot Gen 3 tracking device and camera and the progress of the pots was followed across the sea and charted on a webpage. However, unlike the princesses’ little boat, the currents carried the moon jars northwards to the Isle of Man and some even to Scotland. None of the pots ended up in Wales, one disappeared in the shipping lane of the Irish Sea and one never gave a signal, only one … Read More
Anne Gibbs 6

The Language of Clay – STILL: Anne Gibbs

Anne works in a quiet studio situated in a private garden in a rural village in South Wales. There is equanimity about the studio and its occupant. For Anne, it is a place to simply be. Anne maps a regular course between her home and studio, passing landscapes and road junctions that are both constant and ever changing. These changes inform Anne’s practice on a particular day and, over time, influence how bodies of work accumulate. Landscape is important to Anne, be it on a miniature or grand scale. Textures, colours, contrasts, layers, these all inform her aesthetic. In years past Anne worked with a landscape company. She designed and created self-contained landscapes within defined boundaries, such as roundabouts or sidings. In years since, she has been commissioned to design public artworks. For Anne, the key focus has been the site-specific nature of such, be it designing traffic calming structures or contemporary features in Welsh chapels. Supported by an Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award, Anne recently undertook a research visit to Japan. The Japanese design aesthetic made a startling impact on her. Both in terms of consolidating the nature of the work she was already making and in propelling her further along a particular creative course. She was again struck by particular landscapes and her physical perspective of them. Tree-lined hillsides appearing majestic in scale but harbouring miniature tableau more akin to bonsai. Use of colour struck a chord with Anne too. In a bright white interior … Read More
Micki Schloessingk

Earth, Fire and Salt; pots by Micki Schloessingk

An exhibition in The Language of Clay: Part One initiative, Mission Gallery National Touring Exhibitions, curated by Ceri Jones 4th February- 26th March 2017 Micki Schloessingk makes wonderful pots for us to use and enjoy everyday. Micki has created and developed Bridge Pottery in the small village of Cheriton on the Gower peninsula in south Wales. It is here that Micki has made her range of thrown and hand-built pots since 1987. With a large wood-fired kiln, gallery and studio, Bridge Pottery is a dynamic and inspiring place to be. Micki’s pots are beautifully and skillfully realised. Many years of care and experience come to bear on these well-designed pieces that are a joy to use and a delight to live with. Much of Micki’s work is thrown on the wheel. Micki also enjoys hand-building pieces, such as her slab dishes with feet. All the work is wood-fired and salt-glazed. These are exciting processes in themselves and ones that dramatically illustrate the unique character of Micki’s hand-made pots. Earth, Fire and Salt is a chance for us to appreciate and share Micki’s work with new audiences as it tours to venues across Wales. Earth, Fire and Salt is accompanied by a variety of engagement activities. The Language of Clay: Part One comprises three solo exhibitions of work by three Wales based, female ceramic artists, all with a pivotal dynamic in contemporary ceramics. Ceramics Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth SY23 3DE Open Monday to Saturday from 9am-8pm, Sundays 10am-5pm. Aberystwyth Arts Centre: Tel … Read More

Anna Noel: Telling Tales

22 October 2016 – 8th January 2017 Anna Noël makes figurative ceramics. She draws on local myths, rhymes and childhood narratives in the creation of her work. Anna loves a good story. This solo exhibition has afforded Anna significant focus to make a body of work that is cohesive and representative of her practice. It is the first show in the series of three that comprises The Language of Clay: part one. Each show considers the work of ceramic artists who approach the medium in dynamically different ways. Following Anna Noël’s beguiling ceramic animals will be the highly-skilled domestic stoneware of Micki Schloessingk and then the fine ceramic assemblages of Anne Gibbs. A Mission Gallery national touring exhibition, curated by Ceri Jones … Read More
The Button Project

The Button Project

The Button Project is an ongoing experiment in curating and creative collaboration. It began in 2013 when Jo Dahn sent a message to ceramics practitioners, asking them to make a button and post it to her: I’m planning an exhibition and I’d like to invite you to make me a button (or buttons) for inclusion. Buttons can be any size and as simple or as complicated as you like, but each should have at least two holes in it, or a closed loop on the reverse – so that in theory it could function as buttons generally do…. In this exhibition viewers can see all the buttons that have been contributed to date. While many are traditional circular and rectangular forms, others have been hand-built and modelled, some are shards and some explore the whole notion of what a button can be. Although the majority came from Britain, buttons were also sent from many other parts of the world: so far including Australia, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, the USA and China. There is no selection process and the exhibition includes buttons made by children as well as buttons made by well-known ceramists. More
Made Anew, Stories of the Broken and Mended February 20th – June 5th

Made Anew, Stories of the Broken and Mended

Exhibition featuring pots that have been broken and mended from the collection, as well as work by artists who use deconstruction and reconstruction as a feature in their work … Read More
Naming the Animals a0004

Naming the Animals

This exhibition takes its title from David Cleverley’s ceramic sculpture, Adam naming the animals. The work makes reference to nineteenth century Staffordshire figures and is based on a Biblical theme that has a long history in folk art and popular culture … Read More
Philip Eglin

Philip Eglin Slipping the Trail

The exhibition is a collaboration between the ceramic collection at Aberystwyth and Philip Eglin, one of the major ceramicists in the UK. Over the course of the project Eglin visited the collection and made drawings and photographs of key pieces. Eglin has always been a borrower responding to things he loves in the world around him. Great paintings, old pots, children’s drawings or plastic bottles – all become sources of inspiration and flash points to set the artist’s eye on a new trajectory … Read More
Hot Pot Project

The Hot Pot Project

In January 2014 we accepted a major acquisition of 330 pieces of studio pottery to be known as the Ann Carr collection. is was donated to the University by Julian Carr in memory of his mother Ann Carr (1928-2013) wIn January 2014 we accepted a major acquisition of 330 pieces of studio pottery to be known as the Ann Carr collection. is was donated to the University by Julian Carr in memory of his mother Ann Carr (1928-2013) who was a friend, neighbour and admirer of Michael Cardew. As part of his close circle in the Wenford Bridge area she was among the first to be there at kiln openings, even at times participating in kiln firings at the pottery. In turn, Cardew was a frequent supper guest at her beautiful modernist house, Fellover. It was built in 1960 as her home and for the private primary school which she ran for many years. use was filled with the pots that she had collected and used with pleasure throughout her life. It even had a small pottery in the basement where Cardew and other Wenford potters came to teach the children … Read More
Peter Wills

Ceramic Celebration: South Wales Potters’ 50th Anniversary

An exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the South Wales Potters, one of the country’s leading ceramic groups. Ceramic Celebration will feature work by SWP’s president Walter Keeler and founder members Janet and Frank Hamer. Presenting work by 20 of the group’s current members the exhibition will encompass the diversity of contemporary ceramic practice … Read More
merge diverge

Merge / Diverge

An exhibition of work from a diverse international group of MA Ceramic graduates from Cardiff School of Art and Design who have formed a cooperative based in Cardiff. Download the catalogue.Read More
We Spirited Creatures

We Spirited Creatures

Humans and animals live together on a small planet. Our relationship is one of shared needs and mutual coexistence, and yet our life together is often far from peaceful … Read More
Keramic Conversations

Keramic Conversations:

Curator Gérard Mermoz presents a selection of popular ceramics made in France and Germany in workshops and small factories in the post war period (1945 –1975). The producers adopted an experimental approach to form and decoration through the use of bright new glazes often bubbling over the surface to create the lava-like effect … Read More
Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives

An exhibition curated by MA student Louise Chennell looking at couples who work together, featuring Louise and Alfred Powell, James and Tilla Waters, Margaret and David Frith, Frank and Janet Hamer, Terry and Beverley Bell-Hughes, Ruth and Alan Barrett-Danes and Harry and May Davis. There is more information including essays and sound clips from recorded interviews … Read More


Ceramic Tales from Africa Based on field trips mainly undertaken 2005-6 to Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana and South Africa by Moira Vincentelli, the exhibition explores how contemporary ceramics in Africa are adapting and responding to new situations. The research was a collaboration with Manchester Museum where the exhibition was originally shown … Read More
Simon Carroll: Making Connections

Simon Carroll: Making Connections

Simon Carroll demonstrated his exuberant approach to ceramics at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth in 2003. Six months later he was invited to develop an exhibition of his own work in relation to the collection … Read More


The Sliptrails exhibition was the basis of a timeline on slipware ceramics used in the web World History Project directed by Bamber Gascoigne. The Archive has been used as a pilot for developing the Mapping Wales project to put archival collections on line. >>> … Read More
Gendered Vessels: Women and Ceramics by Moira Vincentelli

Gendered Vessels

The objects in the exhibition demonstrate some of the different ways clay can be used for cups and mugs, drums and whistles or exciting and unusual sculpture. Experience how they can awaken the senses, evoke a feeling, recall a memory, or stir the imagination. Listen to the ping of porcelain, the tinkle of a ceramic bell or the delicate sound of an ocarina … Read More