George Tinworth DOULTON

c495 - 'A Time of Peace'. George Tinworth DOULTON c492 - 'A Time to Cast Away'. George Tinworth DOULTON c494 - 'A Time to Get'. George Tinworth DOULTON c491 - 'A Time to Keep Silence' George Tinworth DOULTON c490 - 'A Time to Speak' George Tinworth DOULTON

Dates: 1843-1913

Sculptor and ceramicist. Son of a wheelwright for whom he served an apprenticeship whilst also studying part-time under John Sparkes at Lambeth School of Art, c.1861-64, and then at the Royal Academy Schools, 1864. By 1866 Sparkes had persuaded Henry Doulton to employ Tinworth at the Lambeth Pottery where he began modelling filter cases and decorating salt-glazed stoneware. Approximately thirty of his early Doulton pieces were exhibited at the 1867 Paris Exhibition. He was better known though for his modelled work such as animal groups and religious terracotta plaques and sculptures, the latter including a commission of a reredos for York Minster. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1866 and 1885. He worked for Doulton until his death in 1913

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