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4. Teapot 1995, H.10.5cm,

4. Teapot 1995, H.10.5cm,

Yixing is an area and city in Eastern China noted for pottery from roof tiles to garden pots. Especially famous are its teapots in a fine brown clay. These were first exported to Europe in the 17th century and by the 18th century were being imitated by Staffordshire potters. They are hand-built using paddles to make the form and part moulded to create unusual sculptural shapes. During the Cultural Revolution in China (1968-78) the industry went into decline but has since been revived. There is an extensive export market appealing to collectors and the finest examples are used as diplomatic gifts. The dark purplish brown clay can be fired to a high temperature (1200 degrees C) and the pots are left unglazed to give a slight porosity which means the teapot builds up a rich flavour

Moulded form with fluting in the characteristic purplish-brown clay


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